What to Expect & How to Prep

Once you've booked your Senior Session, you will fill out the Senior Questionnaire. I send that directly to you. It lets us start planning your Senior Photoshoot and gives your parent(s) a chance to weigh in on things as well. 

What's next?

We've set your date, you've filled out your Questionnaire and signed the Studio Policies form. Now what?



As we start to brainstorm and bring your session to life, we need to talk outfits and clothing. Do you have any ideas in mind that you want to share with me? Send me a picture and we can go from there! 3-5 outfits is best (depending on the session you've booked). Think of colors and layers and avoid white if you can as it can sometimes make people look pale and washed out. 

What colors are you drawn to? Look in your closet - that will probably tell us the answer! Layers look great on camera and color is amazing! Think about tops with sleeves as they really just bring in a classic look.

Check out my Pinterest What to Wear Board for more ideas & inspo. 

Face, Hair & Features

I highly recommend getting your makeup professionally done (for the ladies). It provides that extra va-va-voom in the eyes, keeping things natural, but camera-ready. If you like that extra bit of pampering, it's great to get your hair done as well. Beach-y waves? Yes, please! 

What else? - Remember to hide your bra straps (or wear a bralet) when the outfit calls for it, get your nails done for that extra polished-finished look, and set aside your accessories to bring.

For the guys :: pluck and trim hairs as needed (nose, eyebrows, etc.) and if you need a haircut, schedule that out at least 9 days before your photoshoot - you want to look fresh, but still like yourself. Haircuts and trims need a few days to "settle". Don't forget chapstick! And while you may not be thinking of accessories, a nice watch or blazer really adds a finishing touch - Hello GQ!

Fun in the Sun -- a word to the wise, be careful not to get sunburned before your Senior Session! Guy or Girl, a sunburn never photographs well!

39LindseySENIOR16_Modern Senior Portraits in Camas.jpg


Style Closet

Yes, I do have one of those! 

Whether it's the perfect jacket or vest ... or a necklace or cuff ... I have the added piece if you need it. I can pull from my jacket selection or visit my jewelry add-ons to help create your perfect look. 

Music Playlist!

Don't forget to create a playlist if you'd like some of your favorite music to accompany us on our photoshoot adventure. Sometimes music really pulls out the best in us and helps keep the mood relaxed and fun!