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Some New News from Alaska to Washington!

I'm not even sure where to begin or how to share - but it is with great excitement the MachC Crew is getting ready to start our next adventure, our "next Chapter" as the 8-year-old says with a huge smile ... and with that MachC Photography will be moving to Washington State by the end of the summer!

It will be a huge move for our family, but one that is filling our days with a happy buzz, a newness in the air and a lot of fun & excitement as we start to prep for this journey & next phase.

logo camera sticker

If you would like to schedule a session with me before we leave for the year, send me an email or get in touch with me & let's make it happen! I only have a handful of dates left before our departure date and am happy to fit you in.

We do plan on making visits back to the 'Banks of course, so if you are one of those that want to be kept on that 'short list' please let me know. In that same token, I would love to photograph your family if we can cross paths in the great state of Washington - so please stay in touch!

And on that note ... the other news we'd like to share ... is that there will be seven of us making this move ... yes! We are expecting baby #5!

I am truly blessed by all of you - my "MachC" family! Thank you for being a part of it all these past seven plus years! I am grateful for each you!

Get close ... & Focus on your Family - IG Books for Fun

So ... I think it's going to be hot for Summer Solstice this year ;) I've been meaning to share these FOR.EVER and a day so I thought I'd pop on here now and do that. People often ask me, what's the best camera out there for them? What camera should they get? I see the shock on everyone's face when I give my simple answer: the best camera is the one you have with you. If I were you, invest in the best camera phone you have and capture life.

Here are the InstaBooks I put together for my family this past year.

 instagram books for your instagram life - IG family books

Yep, a full year of our Instagram Life, right here in a book. Each of the kids got one. We got one. My parents, in-laws and other important family members.

I love walking past my kiddo's room and seeing her quietly flipping through the book, smiling, laughing, sometimes pointing and smiling - as if re-living that memory. That's what it's all about folks. If you have a camera phone, you can do the same. It's worth it, trust me.

 making an instagram book from family pictures

Another fun way to just grab moments as they happen. I love changing perspective and making my kids smile with the fun things they can do. And if you want to have a little extra fun, try editing with snapseed. It's free. Best mobile app of 2012. Get close and tap the screen where you want the focus to be.

taking iphone pictures get close


As the weather heats up and we get deeper into summer, more and more of you are looking at having a session done by a professional. You realize as great as that little camera phone is, it doesn't replace actual coffee table books and wall displays that your family gets to live with every day. It doesn't replace getting prints made for grandma. If you're interested in reading more about how to pick a good photographer, take a glance over this article. Sometimes you just don't know what you should be looking for and you feel like it all looks the same. I think this is a great source of information for anyone that really wants to know what they should be looking for in hiring a professional. Rather than re-write the book, you can take a look there and see what else Amy links to. I think it's worth the read if you are looking to hire someone for your family and Senior portraits.

Have some more session shares coming up and ~ of course ~ the winners of the Fresh Face Contest!

Chat more soon!



What I'm reading: Finding Happiness

You guys know me, when I find something worth reading, worth sharing - I share it. This article from the Happiness Guy: Read it. And really, it's four paragraphs long. You have no reason not too.

Happiness and meaning are linked, and if you separate them, you lose both. Trying to do something meaningful without using the advantage of happiness is impossible to sustain. We must find happiness in meaningful things, and use joy to propel us toward more meaningful actions.

You won’t hear this often, but there are a couple ways you can actually buy both happiness and meaning. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


And then this -


And this too -


Doin' my part to keep you in-the-know ;)