You and Me Together, We Could Do Anything | A Childhood Photoshoot

This was an important moment for us to document. You see, their mom crossed an imaginary, but important line, this year. All kids are in school now. Yes. ALL. 

High School, Middle School, 3rd grade and Kindergarten. Major Milestone people. 

"I want, for at least an hour, to not have the stress of life as part of our children's world."

So for one hour, we did just that. 

We played. We laughed. We made big brother laugh. We made little sister giggle. We told stories about hearing aids and the world opening up when you can hear again. We listened to stories about high school expectations and middle school experiences. 

And at the end of it all ... we added to their walls. An ever growing collection of love. 

Oh, and when the kids are old enough

We gonna teach them to fly


You and me together, we could do anything, Baby

You and me together yes

I love each one of their unique little quirks. I hope that we are able to provide them a childhood that doesn’t take any of these away from them. They are the things that make them special and saves me from killing them most days.
— Andrea, talking about her four amazing kids and the love she has for them

Thought you might want to listen to their family song while you check out their latest family session.