Where is spring? I mean, really. | Camas Senior Photographer

So here I was, all in this blogging habit, going strong and *POW* I get hit with the change in weather, the ups and downs, which means hello head cold, sinus pressure, foggy brain, am I sick or is this just allergies congestion and pain. The struggle is real you guys! I am so ready for spring to get here, the weather to be sane and the health-o-meter to rise to the top. It's time isn't it?! Where are you spring?! Are you here to stay?!! 

In the midst of all this, I've been shooting and am gearing up to share the upcoming Junior (Senior!) Snaps Week (more about that soon). I can't wait! You'll want to stick around for that! 

That led me to pull some of these beauties ...


I seriously love photographing you guys! It was so fun to meet up with some of these same girls recently to photograph them and work on Snaps Week. 


So I also came across this blog/video post recently that talked about gossip. And what to do when you are in the face of that criticism, facing that wall called gossip. 

What did it say? Pay attention to the gossip, the judgement, the complaining and try to be silent in that moment. Just allow yourself to be in that moment, witness it, don't have an agenda. What happens when you face gossip with silence? That's the question Gabby asks and talks about here. Anyway, I found it interesting enough that I wanted to share it with all of you. Practice it a little this week and see what you think. I'll leave the comments on if you want to share. As a side note it's interesting to read the comments in her thread as well. 

Practice facing gossip, judgement and complaining with silence. See what happens. 

I guess I have to start by not complaining about the weather.