What Matters Most: a loving family, trying their best | Camas Family Photography

Life is amazing, wonderful and inspiring ... it's also crazy, chaotic and full of twists and turns. Not everything can be predicted. Not everything can be planned.

But sometimes the best parts of life ... aren't meant to be planned.

The best things just happen. They come about through words like "complicated" and phrases like "we aren't willing to give up".


What I loved most about hearing Kelly talk about her family is her desire and focus to build her family from where they are now. To reach that point of togetherness to help them all know that they are a loving family, that tried their best and never, ever gave up.

Knowing their love of board games, I took a spin on that and we played games ... lots and lots of games. And you know what? I am pretty sure they had fun with that! (They really do love their games!) 

(This is one of our favorite images! And really? This is what I love creating of you guys! Moments in-between the moments that show off "you, as a family". This is what I love creating and showing you - a reflection of your family - the laughter, the love, the silliness that drives you forward and pulls at your heart and makes your family whole.) 

And I promise you this:
No matter who enters your life,
I will love you more than any of them.

Thank you for letting me share your family with the world.