The Mother-Daughter Tea and Daddy-Daughter Breakfast | Looking Forward Camas Senior Year

I loved how easy it was to work with Savannah C. Her laughter, her smile, her lightheartedness in just soaking up the day - this is totally what Senior Year is meant to be! 

senior photographer

Of all the things Savannah is most looking forward to this year, she told me that the Mother-Daughter Tea and the Daddy-Daughter Breakfast are at the top of her list! (Does your school do something similar? This is such a great tradition to have!) And, of course, the general fun and liveliness of Senior Year. There's so much to look forward to! 

Savannah - CHS 2018 - Graduating Senior 

Look at those eyes!!! 

Look at those eyes!!! 

As the months go by, graduation will happen and then it's off to college! Savannah is hoping to studying Nursing and be a nurse one day living in Spokane.