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Packs a Big Punch | Fairbanks Photographer Holiday Giveaway

I've met a lot of incredible people and these next two are no exception ... they pack a big punch with their loving, generous hearts. I have two fun gifts to give, one that may make you feel like dancin' ;) and the other that will warm you up this winter season. Gift 1 comes from (my friend :) I get to call her that) Danna, a truly gifted baby photographer over there in Calgary and when she heard that I was doing a little holiday giveaway ... guess what she did? Contacted me to offer up a $10 iTunes gift card (American credit). Isn't that awesome?! I don't want to make her blush, but she truly is just one of those people that you run into that just seem to always be giving. It's just in her nature I think. You can see some of Danna's amazing work here.

Gift 2 comes from someone who's work many of you have seen 'up close & personal' - the wonderful Jessica from Noggins Beanies! Make sure you scroll down & hit that "become a Fan" button she has on her blog. Jessica's work is so well crafted and the perfect size for any head (teeny-tiny newborns included!). I think her Jack & Jill is probably THE most requested hat at my newborn sessions. Here's what Jessica told me about how Noggins Beanies came to be:

I started crocheting beanies in college with a roommate while we needed something to do over Christmas break.  We worked at a ski resort and the guys working there would buy them from us.  About 4 years later I made a beanie for my first baby and everyone kept saying that I should sell them.  I found out about Etsy so I setup a shop and it just sort of grew from there.  I like to make styles and colors that I would wear and then size them down to fit babies.  I'm using 100% cotton now and love the soft feel and durability.  My husband gets a new beanie every year for Christmas and my girls will probably get them too!

Jessica is offering any beanie in her Etsy shop - you just pick the style & size! (To be delivered after Christmas due to our time constraints right now.)

Please leave a comment letting us know which item you'd like to win! And if you'd like to win either one - leave one comment for each! The winners will be announced in 24 hours - yes, this is a quick draw - you snooze you lose ;) so use your fast fingers to leave a comment and let your friends know too! Comments close December 17th @ 4pm AKST.


August is Booked! Contact me about September…

Wow! That was fast! Thank you so much to all of my past clients who've booked me again... or sent their friends & family my way and new clients who are jumping in with both feet. A big, big thank you. If you were hoping for an August date, shoot me a quick e-mail and I will put you on an "if a date happens to open up last minute" list (hmmm... I think that needs a new name). I'm already booking into September, so if you are hoping for a fall holiday session, contact me as soon as you are ready so we can get you on the books. And just because she NEEDS her own sneak peek... lovely, vintage Nana (or is it Nanna - now I feel bad for not getting the complete spelling of her name!). I know most clients don't expect to find these extended members of their family in pictures, let alone posts, but I do what I can. ;) Part of what I love about my job is capturing your kids, your family, as they are. Who they are. In this moment. In this space & time. Years from now (who knows, maybe even months from now), Nana will be a distant memory as this little one grows up and moves on. She will be dropped in casual conversation, "remember when she used to carry nana everywhere?" So here she is, in all her glory - carried by her hair (as she almost always is, I've noticed :) ), smiling, wearing her heart on her ... dress :) ... and being stepped on, you know, to keep her from leaping before she looks ;)