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Preview | Hafele Design & Construction {Commercial}

In recent weeks, I've had the great pleasure in working alongside Hafele Design & Construction. They are in the midst of building their portfolio of work for current and future clients. Needless to say, I was thrilled when they contacted me about working with them on the visual aspects of their portfolio & website.

Hafele Design & Construction offers "design-build" projects, meaning that as part of the building process & package, they will sit down and help the client design as an architect would. With a custom focus, the clients get to hand-pick anything & everything, from layout to finishing touches, with seamless design into energy efficiency as well.

It's been incredible working with their team thus far. I am thrilled to share your previews! Thank you for the opportunity to dive into this project. And for everyone else out there, I normally don't post this many shares, but we did a double interior-exterior shoot, and frankly, there were just too many that I wanted to show! A special thanks to all of the business & home owners who let us invade their lives for a short while to get the shots that we needed for this project. And I'd especially like to thank my assistants Avery & Joey ;) (hint for the blog readers: a toddler and a furry friend, both with a very keen sense of design ;) ).