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Part of where I'm going, is knowing where I'm coming from

Although this is the first time Meghan was in front of the camera, I've actually photographed her family before ... specifically big sister, Stephanie (who is just as beautiful, funny & talented). And as if you can't tell from the shot below, incredible eyes also seem to run in the family. ;) Senior Portrait Photographer Fairbanks AK

High School Senior Portraits North Pole Fairbanks Alaska

It's amazing to photograph kids from the same family & watch them 'grow up'. I'm not even sure if Meghan knows this or not, but I've actually had other clients tell me how great it was to see her on the blog, since they hadn't seen her since she was just a little girl. And we all agreed, she looks incredible in yellow, don'tcha think?!! Not everyone can pull it off, but she most definitely can.

I think one of the things I will take away from our session together is walking away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated after talking to someone so full of life, but even beyond that, so full of love for her family. She wrote me a whole paragraph before our session on what she loves about her family ... yes, each & every one of them. How her mom is so gentle & kind and makes a mean batch of chocolate truffles ... to her dad because he's dependable and will always be there to help her ... to her big sister Tasha whom she described as selfless & so giving of endless fun ... to her sister Rachel, whom she loves for her "quintessential female" self loving all things girl-y... to her brother Jacob who she says challenges her to think & believe ... to her sister Stephanie, whom she described as her "reflection".

Our session played out much of this list ... it was only later on as I was driving home that I realized she talked about everyone else & her love for everyone else the whole time. Definitely not what most people think of when they thing of what a teenager must talk about.

Meghan, you are truly an amazing soul. Thank you for letting me reflect a piece of that right back to you in the art we created to celebrate & memorialize your Senior year.

I don't want to be

Anything other than what I've been trying to be lately

All I have to do

Is think of me and I have peace of mind

I'm tired of looking 'round rooms

Wondering what I've got to do

Or who I'm supposed to be

I don't want to be anything other than me

Fairbanks Alaska Senior Photographer