Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

Why I photograph my family.

To remember this.

I don't have an on-going scrapbook.

I don't do baby books.

I photograph.

I create a visual diary of our lives.

A visual story of the every day.

If you are interested in living the each day to its fullest, creating memories & a diary for your child ... if you want to learn how to photograph your children better in the every day, what are you waiting for? Sign up here to receive more information ~ information roll out & workshop class sign ups in a week. There is so much to share with you & I absolutely cannot wait to start our workshop, our journey & to start visually chronicling the story of your life. The story your children will tell. The moments you don't want to forget.


The Beautiful M Family - Fairbanks Photographer

Spending time with Jared, Dylan & their parents was at least a year in the making: planning, consulting, emails, in-person hellos, scheduling & lots of patience and understanding. None of us knew when we planned for a June 5th session date that life would give us a wink & a whisper, convincing us that maybe about 6 weeks later would be better, due to circumstances outside everyone's control. And the beautiful thing is their session turned out even more incredible with their extra time to focus on family & summer fun. I mean really, this kind of brotherly love can only be captured after a fun-filled summer of togetherness ;)

Janis told me about her desire to have memories of a fun family & their life in Fairbanks, Alaska - remembering living here & loving here so if they ever do move away, this time of their lives is etched in stone. "I love how we are all kind of 'quirky' but full of love & laughter." And with that, we set out to photograph the M-family & celebrate their life as it is today. How lucky to have a home so full of love!

PS - would you believe our original location had a RACE happening that day?!?! LOL! What are the chances! But we improvised & came up with an even better location ... I mean really, how can you argue with this? Daddy & his boys. That's life. That's happiness. That's a happy life.