Alaska Lifestyle Photographer

Why I photograph my family.

To remember this.

I don't have an on-going scrapbook.

I don't do baby books.

I photograph.

I create a visual diary of our lives.

A visual story of the every day.

If you are interested in living the each day to its fullest, creating memories & a diary for your child ... if you want to learn how to photograph your children better in the every day, what are you waiting for? Sign up here to receive more information ~ information roll out & workshop class sign ups in a week. There is so much to share with you & I absolutely cannot wait to start our workshop, our journey & to start visually chronicling the story of your life. The story your children will tell. The moments you don't want to forget.


Crack that Whisk


In case no one told you this little trick ... if you are doing any bottle feeding, the whisk & a measuring bowl (cup) work wonders. (Much better than shaking, stirring or just trying to reduce clumps on your own.) So my advice? Whisk it good! Crack that whisk ;)

And if you talk to Mr. MachC, apparently there is a technique to whisking that he's learned from Master Chef.

Pffft. We'll see about that.



10 years today.

Who are these kids? I mean, really? Who are they ;)


How does 10 years drift by so fast ... for those of you who 'got married young' - isn't it funny how "old" we felt when we got married? And yet, we had so much growing & learning to do, didn't we. Something you learn as the years go by. In some ways I don't feel old enough to have been married 10 years. Ten is a long time. This year my sister celebrated 5 years ... another sister celebrated 20 years ... and our parents - his & mine - celebrated their own 40 year anniversaries (or are about to).

I have a feeling time only speeds up from here.


*funny story about these anniversary night takes ... I'll have to share on a(nother) rainy day ...


Happy Anniversary my love! I don't know much ... but I know I love you ... and that may be, all I need, to know ...


... we're young enough to say

oh, this has gotta be the good life ...