Senior Week Means Opportunity, Serving and Your Future

When it comes to being a Senior, the world is your oyster. Opportunities for school, jobs, career and education are on the horizon. There's nothing to stop you from being the best version of you while continuing to learn and grow. 

This is just a small part of Emily in a nutshell. 

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Featured Future & Upcoming Senior

Emily, Class of 2018 - Camas High School 

Here's what Emily has to say about having her Senior Year ahead of her:

I’m mostly looking for the opportunities I will come across involving younglife, running and seeing what I’m going to do in the future. Why I say younglife is because this summer I leave for an entire month to serve at a camp that truly changed my life and I get to be with my 6th grade girls all next year to watch them take on 7th grade before I leave. And then when I say running, this whole year - I’ve had 3 fractures so I was unable to run at all so my senior year is my year to get on top. I’ve been looking at a lot of colleges to run for and then colleges to continuously develop my faith. But also the opportunity for me to pursue graphic designing which is a class I will be taking next year.
— Emily, Senior 2018
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Her dream job since Middle School has been to pursue graphic design. She's already well on her way taking that class at school next year. Life is amazing when you let it be! 

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