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I've received a few more emails & snapshots that I have to share with you all. It's always so fun for me to open my email and see a surprise note from one or more of you saying, "Hey! Look what's up on our walls - thought you would like to see" - it really does brighten up my day! When I got such an email recently, I decided to put out the call to a few more of you. I love showing off what you've done! From The Tiffany Family ~

"We remodeled our entryway, and the girls photos look great out there. The one of the two of them in the hammock is in my office (yay!). The others are dispersed here and there. My favorites, of course, were the b/w and I love where we put them - in the upstairs over the zebra rug!"

MachC walls_entryTifffamily





From Amy Noonan & her family ~

"The lighting in the hallway isn't spectacular but here's a quick shot. They turned out so well. We love them!! We used a thick brushed silver frame. Now to frame his 1 year photos before he turns 2..."

MachC Photography baby in a pose

MachC Photography wall display

* * *

Anna O. shared some of her favorites on facebook (& passed them along to me) ~ "Our Beautiful Canvas Pictures are up! :)"

annamax_MachC Photography Wall Display


Heidi has her book prominently & proudly displayed (got a ton of likes when she shared it on facebook too! The book and the quote ;) )



And not to be outdone, here is Cash's favorite page of his mama's wedding album ~

MachC Photography Cash's Favorite


Kim shared her thoughts here - "I have these two little pics on the window sill of my kitchen window ... They are my all time favorite pics of my kids. I'm still so happy you were here to take them. Need another session soon ... And all the cousins need a play date! :-)" (made my day!)

MachC Fan Favorites


And from the Evanger Family: "One of our MANY MachC walls..."

MachC Photography Fan Faves MachC Walls

Click on the links below to see more ... and if you have some snapshots to share, send 'em on over! I would love to see what you've done and how you are decorating with your family wall art in 2013! What is your favorite room in your house to put up pictures of your family? I cannot wait to see the art we create for your family!


'just give me 5 minutes in the parking garage'

Yes, I did say that. It was an impromptu sort of shoot. They had scattered without saying a word earlier in the day when we were traipsing through Vail. So I couldn't let the moment pass. This was the result.

Rumor is, they were pretty happy with it. ;)

Did I ever get the chance to show you the Bride & Groom's final album? A gorgeous 12x12 of this ... (if you can't see the book below this text, you can click here.)

The memories of that day are incredible. Such vivacious, loving, caring, good people. People of my favorite kind.