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Crayon Wreath Tutorial

With the holidays upon us and gift giving in full swing, I thought I'd share the crayon wreath we made the other day. It didn't take too long & parts of it could even be done with the help of older pre-schoolers and elementary-age kiddos. List of supplies:

  • foam wreath (preferably one with a flat side)
  • box of crayola crayons (64 + a few more worked for us)
  • hot glue - we got the one that cools quickly for safety reasons
  • duct tape and/or fabric/ribbon/scrap material
  •  a little bit o' time ;)


My motto: keep it fun by keeping it simple

Although I'd seen similar pics of this idea floating around, I couldn't find a tutorial, so I just kind of winged it - lining up some crayons in an attempt at a pattern - but nothing too strict. In fact at one point someone picked up the 'crayon line' and rearranged it herself - so it's all good :) just kind of eyeball it & see what looks good. I also liked lining up the words, I think it might be too distracting otherwise. All in all, for all the supplies (scrap material at home) it cost just under $30 for us to make. And having a huge Hello Kitty fan in the house, we went Alaskan-style and duct taped the wreath (instead of wrapping it with glued fabric). Once that part was done, it was just a matter of sitting down and gluing the crayons one by one.





 I wanted to do some rolled flowers, but couldn't quite get the hang of it. A facebook fan-friend sent me in this direction for a Rolled Flower Tutorial.



It was a ton of fun and turned out to be a lot of fun! We made this as a gift for her preschool teachers.


I will continue to take entries for a few more days. You can click that link if you'd like to enter and see what's going on behind the scenes.

Thank you to all of you who have already sent in submissions. I am excited to sit down & read through them.

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It's no secret

I love this age!


So much so I'm devoting a special chapter of my work to these little milestones. Sitting, crawling, walking ... Little Love Sessions. Twenty minutes in your home, activity focused, centered on your little one. Contact me to find out more.


(Don't you just love those pursed lips.)

I really want to shoot more baby-babies this year (shoot as in photograph ;) ), so take me up on it. First born babies, last born, the caboose on the family train. Where-ever they are in your line up, squeeze me in. It'll be worth it. I promise. Sitters are my favorite. :)




The 1st Year is so incredible isn't it. We could learn a lot from little ones, about trying, following our instincts and loving every moment so much that we even clap for ourselves in pure enjoyment & surprise.

Of course if we treat ourselves right, we never stop learning; we never stop growing.


One of the best afternoons we've had in a long time. The fine art of pretzel making.


I want to share the recipe with you. Take time with your family.

Learn something new this week.

Even if it's only about each other.

  1. Mix 2 cups water and 1 package yeast.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon sugar.
  3. Add 4 cups flour & knead.
  4. Add 1 more cup flour and knead.
  5. Roll dough into rods. About 9-12" in length.
  6. Twist into pretzel shapes.
  7. Brush pretzels with beaten egg.
  8. Sprinkle with salt.
  9. Bake in a 450 degree oven for 20 minutes.


I'm so grateful for these little people in my life. They make my world go round.


Controlled chaos.


(And yes, they were delicious. Who knew pretzels could be that much fun for the whole crew!)

PS - Does this count as a "She's Crafty" post? Hmmm ...

She's Crafty: The Fort Kit

So if you have kids ... boys in particular as they seem to be really fascinated with any kind of impromptu fort-building ;) ... and if you happen to have birthdays right after the holiday hoopla ... then you'll definitely want to take note of this post. Thank you, Ellen! Perfect timing in our house! *To submit your "She's Crafty" tutorial for the blog, send it to info at machcphotography dot com with the subject line: She's Crafty.



I have a good friend who is so good about making stuff for my kids (two Christmases ago it was a "boredom box" filled with activities to do with my kids over the winter), so this year, inspired by Pinterest, I decided to make her three boys a fort kit.  I found a couple of tutorials at meg + andy and saltwater kids, and of course waited until the last minute to get all my materials and make it. ;)  I did this as a Christmas present, but it would be a great birthday present too.

In the tutorials, the bloggers got twin sheets, which is a great idea since they're already hemmed, but since I was short on time, and making a kit for three boys, I was afraid I was going to spend hours scouring thrift stores for non-floral sheets.  So I went to my local fabric store, Hip Stitch, and they had some great boyish fabric on clearance (not to mention that Suzanne is so incredibly helpful - she helped me brainstorm how much fabric and how best to make it work.  If you want to learn to sew, I really recommend a local sewing lounge!).  I got two yards for the fort itself, plus another 1/2 yard for the bag, and Suzanne cut off a strip to use for ties.

I cut the strips into eight pieces sewed them together to make ties.  I learned a handy little tip while quilting, that if you aren't worried about backstitching, you can just keep sewing all the ties together and then just snip them apart when you're done.  It saves starting and ending with each tie.

If you don't use sheets, like me, you'll have to hem the four sides of the sheets together, which was ok since I stuck a tie in to each corner anyway.  When all four sides are hemmed and the ties are sewn in (I did a zigzag stitch on the ties to make them more sturdy), it's time to make the bag.  I just eyeballed how big the bag would need to be with the fabric and goodies inside (suction hooks, clothespins, clamps, rope and a flashlight) and then cut the material around it (leaving a generous amount on all sides), and used ribbon to make a drawstring (I used the tutorial from skip to my lou for the drawstring bag).

The last thing was to make the tag.  I used the tag from saltwater kids and modified it a little with my contents.

And there you have it!  A fun present that encourages imagination!  My husband told me I need to make one for our kids too. ;)  I seem to do all my sewing late at night when the kids are asleep, so excuse how dark the first couple of photos are.

my note: I think we all do a lot of 'working on things' late at night when the kids are asleep huh! :)

Thank you again, Ellen! I can't wait to make one for our crew!


PS - New You make-over winner will be announced soon!!! We had a ton of really great entries - thank you for your awesome submissions!

PPS - My fall calendar (that's August & September around these parts ;) it goes by quick, but sure is gorgeous!) is quickly filling up. Contact me now if you are interested in reserving your spot! And of course if you are interested in a Spring or Summer session, now's the time to touch base!