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Two Summer Must Haves | Camas Washougal Senior Photographer

As temps begin to heat up again this week, I wanted to share two summer must haves with you. 

1. Skin Trip Moisturizer - Mountain Ocean's original (coconut) formula. <---- There's the site & here's the amazon link. Seriously. Best stuff evah. 

2. Aloe Vera. Anywhere, any kind. Keep it in the fridge. Nothing replaces cool aloe vera gel after a summer day out at the beach or lounging at the pool


It is what it is. Tips to keep summer on the up and up.

What are your summer must haves? 

Back in October ...

So ummm yes ... it's been a little while eh? :) For no reason other than I want to show off my little cuties and their friends from this fall, we'll start off with the Bi-Zi Pumpkin Patch visit. We were lucky enough to have our friends not only recommend the visit, but take us with them on their annual pumpkin patch trek. A confession & realization - not only was this going to be the first pumpkin patch experience for my kids but for me too! I realized before we got there that I had never done anything like this either.

We did the bale pyramid, saw the farm animals, found our inner cowboys (and cowgirls) with some calf roping and yes, launched a few pumpkins with the pumpkin shot launcher. It's as fun (and dangerous and competitive ;) ) as it sounds.

The crew mid-pumpkin-pick ...


I thought we were missing a kid in that first shot ;) .

about 10 minutes before this shot I lost track of the group and was wandering in a different direction. That's when I hear someone talking about stealing pumpkins and you know you can't do that. I look up and around. Still not sure what the heck that person is talking about as they walk toward me & say again, "I think you are trying to hide a pumpkin under there aren't you" ... he repeated it once more and then it dawned on me, ohmygosh he's talking about my belly! So with 2+ months to go, I was apparently as big as a pumpkin - I'm glad I didn't realize that's what he was saying at the time ;) - and no pumpkin tricks there it was all me and baby!

Here's the real pumpkin-whisperer.


Not sure what he was saying but when he looked up & caught my eye I got this second shot.

And yes, this was the pumpkin he took home.