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Can Guys have a Senior Photoshoot Experience Just as Good as The Girls?

It's true, a lot of girls cross my lens. Whether they are in elementary school, middle school or celebrating their Senior Year, the girls are front and center. But I do photograph the guys too! 

And believe me, we're going to make sure you have fun too! 

Teen Boy photoshoot on modern steps that combine wood and metal. 
Senior Boy in Lettermen's Jacket, colorful photo with canoes, a vibrant Senior Experience Photoshoot. 
Dressed up for his Senior Photos, button up vest and colorful wall give a classy urban vibe. 
Showcasing your senior pictures on your family walls. Senior Boy baseball player. 

I want to make sure guys are well put together, pressed for fun, but not stuffy. Looking suave, cool, confident and themselves. You can't beat that. Guys want to put their best foot forward and moms want to see the best of their boys. 

MachC Photography Seniors_4593_WEB.jpg
Photos up on the family wall, Senior Boy for his Senior Photoshoot. Photos with parents and dreams of becoming a fighter pilot. 

Have you thought about what you want your Photoshoot to look like? Who do you want to be a part of the chaotic fun :)  - did you know I can include siblings and pets too? 

Brothers doing their "album cover" pose. Senior photos for boys and their siblings. 
black and white photos of older siblings, infinity necklace and natural smiles. 

It's all a part of the behind-the-scenes work I do to make sure you get the best experience. Freshman Year to Senior Year, this is the time to get it right.



Thinking about a Photoshoot of your own? Click here and let's chat! I'd love to hear more about your Dream Senior Photoshoot! Thinking you'd like to start with a Family Session? We can do that too! 

Sacred Spaces - Your Walls

  Laura sent me this phone snapshot of one of her favorite walls - and honestly, I am in love with it, too!

She's mixed the perfect elements of personal memorabilia & family heirlooms, including images from now ... and then ...

How families display their photos


I also love the black & white theme ... with a little bit o' POC on the table

- yep, she knows what she's doing! ;)


Want to see what other families are doing with their walls? Need some inspiration for your next photo shoot? Click away!