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Sacred Spaces - Your Walls

  Laura sent me this phone snapshot of one of her favorite walls - and honestly, I am in love with it, too!

She's mixed the perfect elements of personal memorabilia & family heirlooms, including images from now ... and then ...

How families display their photos


I also love the black & white theme ... with a little bit o' POC on the table

- yep, she knows what she's doing! ;)


Want to see what other families are doing with their walls? Need some inspiration for your next photo shoot? Click away!



Baby Jade ~ an update

Well I suppose the first update to myself is that I have to stop calling her "Baby Jade" right!?! ;)  I just know that is how so many of you 'know her' so I wanted to start with that. And for those of you who have emailed me & sent personal messages asking about her & how she is doing & letting me know you are sending well wishes & prayers - thank you. As Robyn wrote me, "When something like this happens it is an opportunity to appreciate just how many truly wonderful caring friends we have, thanks again."  It certainly is. And we both want to thank you over & over again. Just a few days ago Robyn was able to share with me that while the first surgery was not 100% successful, it set up the 2nd surgery extremely well which allowed them to proceed with the least invasive options and get great results. They are still waiting on complete pathology reports, but things are looking good. Robyn said that the doctors are thrilled and of course they are filled with so much relief & gratitude - it's been a trying time!

I wanted to leave you with two (okay three - so hard to choose!) of my favorite images (one that is Jade's favorite too) and a slideshow to commemorate and celebrate this time, this battle and this bridge to their next chapter.



silhouette family photography

family photography in the snowfamily snow photos

 We love you, Jade! We are so proud of your strength & bravery!

This is how you do it.

This is how you do it. How to dress for a photo shoot.

Whether you are thinking family, sibling, tween or teen, colors, style & texture all come into play. It is especially important as you start to consider what to hang up on your walls. Color is a statement piece.

22Gillam13_WEB_MachC14 family photos colors for family pictures

59Gillam13_WEB_MachC14 fairbanks alaska family photos

So what is that number one fear? That worry? That thing I get asked about over & over again?

"What are we going to wear, so it's not the same as last time." ~

"[My biggest worry] it would definitely be the outfits. I worry for months about it."

~ "All of it, but most of all how to dress ME -- everyone wants Mom in the photo but Mom has to feel good."



  • Year after year, the same questions & concerns about "what to wear" come to the surface. So take this to heart: Do NOT be afraid of color when dressing for your photo shoot. Color always photographs best. Do add layers and texture - and adding that extra bit of "pizzazz" with a pop of color or favorite piece of jewelry. Accessories are your friend!

Here is one post where I touched on that, but I wanted to do it again here with Sarah's family because she pulled everyone together so well. SO well.


I am constantly asked about clothing - what to wear, how to dress, patterns no patterns, mixing and matching - the list goes on. We dive into this in more detail once your session is booked and your family day gets closer but today I wanted to use Sarah's family as a prime example of "what to do" (I think Sarah will especially love this - or maybe I should say her family will - because she has a teaching background - they always say the best teachers were great students - don't they?? ;) )

I LOVED worked with Sarah because she listened, took suggestions and then boom! Out of nowhere came up with fantastic ideas that jumped off of what I'd said. And I was pretty sure she was going to not be very happy with me when I suggested she knit a new hat for her daughter because the color scheme just wasn't quite there. Instead I was met with an enthusiastic yes! and I'm so glad you said that! I've already started on a new hat! - Clearly we are two peas in a pod! ;)



So take notes - I think Sarah's color combo has been the most talked about in recent months - the green just really popped off the brown and made for the perfect center piece on our gorgeous autumn day. (But really these colors are just flat out fantastic & would work well any time of year!) 

 28Gillam13_WEB2 what to wear to your family photoshoot 11Gillam13_WEB_MachC14 15Gillam13_WEB_MachC14 67Gillam13_WEB_MachC14 62Gillam13_WEB238Gillam13_WEB2

family photos 06Gillam13_WEB_MachC1414Gillam13_WEB_MachC14