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Surprise! ~ Fairbanks Baby Photography

  Every day we take steps toward the life we are dreaming of, the life that we've hoped for & imagined.

When Ashley & Larry found out they were pregnant they knew their hopes & dreams were coming to life, right before their very eyes.  It was just what they had imagined, only better ...



Last fall they walked & talked.

Dreamed & wished.

They breathed in the journey of the memories about to come.


fairbanks baby photography

fairbanks baby photography - fairbanks newborn photographer in the Alaskan wilderness

fairbanks baby photography


And their first baby - their fur-baby Silla - has been there every step of the way ... from the surprise announcement on her collar (the video is so cute! something their children will want to watch over & over again as they grow) to this moment - so sweet that look in her eyes.

Something tells me she knows, and she is ready.



As fall moved into winter and winter has dashed into spring, we've taken a moment to reignite the flames and recapture their love - and the ever-growing baby bump - because in a few short weeks they will experience what the rest of us already know: life will never be the same. And from this moment forward, you will look back & think "what did we do before she was here? Was she ever not here? It feels like she has always been with us."

Here's to the little miracle that awaits.

MachC Photography newborn fairbanks alaska maternity photography with pets expecting photography - newborn photographers in fairbanks laughing smiling couple expecting their first baby

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It's the story your children will want to read over & over again.

Baby Micah

Back in November of last year I got an email asking about a newborn session … she didn't say much else but I looked at her name & thought hmmmm … a - does she know Megan? and b - is she related to Michel (one of my very first "no known connection" clients back in the day - yes, she took a HUGE chance on me! I will be forever thankful & grateful for that! I know how hard it can be to choose someone you don't know & you don't have a referral for).

machc photography newborn photography in fairbanks

A couple of back & forth emails confirmed it all! I would be photographing Michel's first grandson come 2014! (Isn't he a cutie! see above.) I was absolutely ecstatic! What an incredible way to come full circle. I appreciate knowing that the very person I photographed so long ago would turn to her daughter & nudge her to hire MachC Photography. And then Megan is a good friend as well. This is like the inner-circle of inner-circles folks ;)

Long story short, there ended up being some complications for both of them at the time of his birth - thank goodness they both are healthy, happy & wonderfully okay today. In sitting & photographing them several weeks after his birth, I would have never guessed all that they went through - they pulled through and came out even closer on the other side.

mother baby photography


Some favorites to share with you … telling the story of their love & the addition of their little love

newborn in his mother's arms - newborn photography fairbanks, alaska

newborn family photography 25BabyMicah14_WEB_MachC14 baby photography 41BabyMicah14_WEB_MachC14 48BabyMicah14_WEB_MachC14

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