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  • I wish someone had intervened.  ... "but the school was very concerned.  This came to a head when the school wrote to her parents.The school thought Gillian had a learning disorder of some sort and that it might be more appropriate for her to be in a school for children with special needs."



You, as a mother, are better equipped, biologically, than anyone on the planet to understand and adjust for the uniqueness of your child’s needs.


  • Consider this word problem:Two hippos and two alligators are at the zoo. Pete the zookeeper feeds them at the same time. Pete gives each hippo seven fish. He gives four to the alligators. 


    In an experiment on third graders, students were divided into two groups. One group read through the problem twice.

    The other group acted out the story as they read it ...


Seniors and Grads

I have so much to blog since moving, including some local Camas sessions and work that I've been doing in my "spare time" - you know ;) (spare time) ha. It's kind of hard to know where to dive back in when there's so much going on, so I'll just blog along and get you stuff to read as I can. For now a Senior session and an 8th grade grad session - both of which I enjoy! They are such fun ages to photograph and be around. I love being able to talk about current ideas and events but also when we chat about the future and hopes & dreams for parts of our lives that haven't happened yet (going to high school and then, in the blink of an eye, graduating from High School). There is so much excitement at these stages of life. So here it is, a glimpse into our Senior Session with Kristina ... I still remember taking this shot in the upper left hand corner - I don't know if she heard him, but her little brother was standing behind me and gave a huge compliment about how pretty & beautiful she looked right there - such a sweet brother!


16KristinaSENIOR14 copy_WEB_MachC15


And an 8th Grade Grad Session with Sydney48Sydney8GRAD14_WEB_MachC15


I loved getting to incorporate her passion into her grad session. The boho flower head-piece I made on a whim - if I remember right I was actually running a few minutes behind schedule trying to put it all together right before I made it to our session! I'm so glad she humored me & wore it.