Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life. Give the gift of memories

Just last week I got the most amazing comment that let me follow a few links to here. Where is 'here' you might ask? Here is the home of Celebrate Life, a grassroots organization that challenges us to give back. To take an active roll in the lives around us; to celebrate the lives of those around us. It's core value: photographer's giving through their art. I could barely get through the first page ... let alone some of the stories that followed. It seems everything happens for a reason. I am so thankful to that one comment that brought me to such a great cause. Please visit the Celebrate Life blog and consider nominating someone you know, a family you are friends with or a neighbor nearby.

Celebrate life is a challenge to you to nominate your friends and family or those around you who are deserving of such a celebration. To take an active roll in the lives around you and notice the beauty in one another.

Each family will receive:

A full complimentary photography session for the nominated person(s) and close immediate family.

20-30 finished proofs in an on-line gallery

a finished proof set of loose prints

a discount of at least 25% on all pricing.

I am so excited to be joining the Celebrate Life family. I love how Angela so simply stated to me, "it's just good people, doing good things ... I also love that is it a 'quiet undercurrent of giving' I think that in the end it will effect so much change and love in the world." Definitely something worth celebrating in my book.



Let's Celebrate Life together.