Casting Call

Expectant Moms ~ Cute Newborns Needed.

Sometimes, as an artist, I get my mind focused on an idea. I think about it. I plan it in my head. I think about it some more. Then re-visit those ideas & further 're-plan'.

{Sometimes I am asked to contribute those ideas with a larger project in mind.}
And well, I have to be honest about artistic endeavors ... they can be all-consuming ;) . So, I have to complete this little project... it has to go from conception to birth. Kind of ironic, don'tcha think ;)

To complete this project, I need some help. I'm looking for two expecting moms that are due NOW or in early May. That's right, you could literally be having your baby today or tomorrow. Or they could be here within the week!

I would love to do a quick shoot of your newborn (boy or girl ... or ... twins?). This is mostly just for me and the artistic project I'm trying to complete.

Please contact me if you are interested! Include your name, your due date (or your baby's birthdate if she/he was already born) and why you would like your baby to be a part of this project. I will explain further details for the babies & mamas who are chosen.

Kaiya | Fairbanks Newborn & Baby Photographer

Little Miss Kaiya is already letting her personality shine through (I love it! :D ). She took her own sweet time, coming into this world when she was good & ready - even though everyone was telling her the party started on this date, she said, nope, I'm pretty sure it's several days after that.  ;) It's so fun for me to meet new parents and share in the joy of their new baby and experiencing it all for the first time: the swaddling, the 'shhhshh'ing', the bouncing, rocking & feeding. Kaiya was so awake & alert - already trying to 'take it all in', she didn't want to miss a thing (reminds me so much of one of my own). Congratulations mom & dad! You guys have a gorgeous little girl there - enjoy your sneak peeks! dsc_3762fairbanksnewbornphotographer



Beautiful Baby Beckett | Fairbanks Baby Photographer

*sigh* Isn't that just an adorable name? :) Just six days old and here he is, making his grand entrance ... in the most peaceful of sleepy ways, of course. I don't think I've come across an easier baby! Not even a moose at the window could break his slumber. ;) Such a sweetheart and the best of models. Just so easy-going, relaxed and clearly dreaming his way into life with his beautiful new family. Asleep when I got there, asleep when I left ... I think he peeked out at me once or twice, decided I wasn't much worth looking at and moved on! ;)  Thank you guys so much for letting me move in over the weekend ;)  It's always neat when I run into another mama from a family of all girls. We're a rare breed, being one of four girls! :) It was so great getting to work with you all and meet Grandpa to boot! I hope everyone continues to settle in and enjoy these newborn days.

{Smiles & a squishy face ... nothing I love more...}