Beautiful Photographs, Served Warm and Friendly | Camas, WA Travel Family Photographer

Last fall I had my second photoshoot of the year with Natalie's beautiful family. This time we focused on the kids - both human & furry. 

When I asked her about having a second photo session with me, I wondered if she had any fears, any hesitations, in hiring MachC Photography again, "I had no concerns as this was our second session and knew you would do a great job. Our kids already knew you and were really comfortable with the process."

Her response reminded me why so many families come back again and again as their children grow. Senior Siblings are the same way. For any family, the kids start to know me better and better. I know them, who they are and how best to work with their personalities. And in the end, it means that the kids are more comfortable working with me, hanging out with me, and letting me photograph their true essence. Because let's face it, having a camera in front of you can be hard for any child! And most Seniors too! 


Q: What, specifically, was your favorite part of your MachC photoshoot, and why?

A: I really like your warmth, friendliness and easy going attitude - [it] makes the photo shoot fun and enjoyable. 

45WentzKids16_Camas Kids Photographer, Fairbanks Family Photography.jpg



Q: If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say? 

A: That not only do you capture beautiful photographs but your warm and friendly attitude makes the process fun and easy. 

34WentzKids16_Camas-Kids-Photographer-with-goldens, Fairbanks Family Photography.jpg