Simple, Outside and showing off the love we have - a family photoshoot at Heritage Park

Renee's thoughts about her family photoshoot were easy to envision - simple, outside, less posed, more natural - capturing the fun moments between brothers and the love we share as a family. 

And with a little warm up time, we did it! When we first met up near the boat launch at Heritage Park, big brother Colter needed some time to warm up to the idea of getting photos that day, but that didn't break our stride. At two, Declan was raring to go and excited by every idea I shared with him. I don't think he said 'no' once!

Look ma! I'm running on air! 

Look ma! I'm running on air! 

Within a short time, we were back in motion and Colter had some ideas of his own about where to go, what to do and how he'd like to pose. I love that! In my world, kids are active participants! We scheme, we plot, we plan, we work together! (Like good friends should! - Any Bob the Builder fans out there?) 

I am so lucky that I got the chance to photograph Renee and Carsten's gorgeous family. 

Boys and Barefoot goodness. 

That is what life is all about! 

These images sit in their living room, as a part of their every day family life now. 

some quick phone shots of their family room layout 

some quick phone shots of their family room layout 

I love knowing the boys will grow up seeing how much mom and dad love them. 

Spunk, personality and swirls of silly - that's what these boys are made of.