The Real Truth of #TBT

#TBT and #FF have become a very popular connector on Social Media. A way for you to share memories, re-tell stories and enjoy reliving those moments - both online and in person. Moments you are sharing that day, but help you relive memories from the past. 

For those who can't quite recall these hashtags right away, we are talking about Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and Flashback Friday (#FF). Do you know what they both have in common?

Back in January 2016, Kourtney Kardashian was on Ellen. Ellen asked her about gifts she gave to her family (for the holidays). Kourtney immediately brought up the gift she gave to Kendall, saying how it was sentimental and took some time to find. Do you know what she gave her? She could have given her little sister anything in the world right? Budget (most likely) is not a consideration.

Do you know what she ended up giving her? She gave her baby sister a printed, physical copy of her first runway show. She could have given her anything in the world and yet the most precious and heartfelt gift was to find a picture of her sister walking her first runway.

THIS is why #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday are significant. Not for their recent place in social media history but because we will always turn to pictures. We will always turn to memories. There is a level of importance that the printed image brings that nothing else can top. That's why in movies the sentimental gift is a framed picture. That's why celebrities choose to give pictures as memorable gifts to celebrate milestones. To celebrate life and living.

There is no greater gift. A gift to yourself to get professional pictures of your family? Yes, most certainly. A gift to your Senior as they cross the threshold of living with you to going out on their own? Yes, of course. But it is also this incredible gift you get to give to your parents, your in-laws and your own grandparents. It's the gift that you get to put in your child's graduation card. It's the one you get to share on Facebook, looking behind you to say, see, we had such good times. You grew so fast. I was so young. We were so happy. I can't believe you're a Senior already