The Happiness of Three

This is him. I mean, I see him at 16 in this picture.  ... He's so handsome isn't he? I haven't been able to see him like this before - but, do you know what I mean? This is a glimpse of what he will look like at 16 and he's just so handsome.

I'm paraphrasing what Val told me when she first saw this image ... the happiness of three ... the handsomeness of sixteen.

I see that with the kids I photograph, my own, too ... exactly what she told me when we sat down together to see all of the images from our session, celebrating his three year old self.

That moment when we see the older version of your little one.

Three going on sixteen. Eight with a sparkle of fourteen. Twelve and a glimpse of Senior Year.

camas child photographer
camas child photographer

I cannot stop time permanently. I can only hope to contain it.

And release your love and happiness for your child. So you can enjoy that memory again & again.

Everyone deserves that moment. Looking through the Lens of Love.


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