Dalton Family - 6 month baby pictures

Ashley's story is similar to many of yours. Maycee is their first baby and here she was, almost six months old when Ashley contacted me. Like many of you have mentioned to me before our first session together: you really don't have any family photos. Whether your little one is close to a year old or the youngest is 12, something has been nagging at you & you realize it's time. Time to make family memories and hold on to them forever. And then to find out Maycee's dad was getting ready to deploy - you can imagine how "urgent" this felt for all of us!

We just want something simple that captures these moments since daddy won't be around for many of Maycee's firsts.

When Ashley talked about her family, her warmth, compassion & love for them just oozed. She talked about smiles, laughter, the comfort of having each other. And that is where their photo-story begins.

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Thanks for sharing in their memories!