Baby Micah

Back in November of last year I got an email asking about a newborn session … she didn't say much else but I looked at her name & thought hmmmm … a - does she know Megan? and b - is she related to Michel (one of my very first "no known connection" clients back in the day - yes, she took a HUGE chance on me! I will be forever thankful & grateful for that! I know how hard it can be to choose someone you don't know & you don't have a referral for).

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A couple of back & forth emails confirmed it all! I would be photographing Michel's first grandson come 2014! (Isn't he a cutie! see above.) I was absolutely ecstatic! What an incredible way to come full circle. I appreciate knowing that the very person I photographed so long ago would turn to her daughter & nudge her to hire MachC Photography. And then Megan is a good friend as well. This is like the inner-circle of inner-circles folks ;)

Long story short, there ended up being some complications for both of them at the time of his birth - thank goodness they both are healthy, happy & wonderfully okay today. In sitting & photographing them several weeks after his birth, I would have never guessed all that they went through - they pulled through and came out even closer on the other side.

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Some favorites to share with you … telling the story of their love & the addition of their little love

newborn in his mother's arms - newborn photography fairbanks, alaska

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If you are expecting or know a friend who is, let's chat about your newborn session!