This is how you do it.

This is how you do it. How to dress for a photo shoot.

Whether you are thinking family, sibling, tween or teen, colors, style & texture all come into play. It is especially important as you start to consider what to hang up on your walls. Color is a statement piece.

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So what is that number one fear? That worry? That thing I get asked about over & over again?

"What are we going to wear, so it's not the same as last time." ~

"[My biggest worry] it would definitely be the outfits. I worry for months about it."

~ "All of it, but most of all how to dress ME -- everyone wants Mom in the photo but Mom has to feel good."



  • Year after year, the same questions & concerns about "what to wear" come to the surface. So take this to heart: Do NOT be afraid of color when dressing for your photo shoot. Color always photographs best. Do add layers and texture - and adding that extra bit of "pizzazz" with a pop of color or favorite piece of jewelry. Accessories are your friend!

Here is one post where I touched on that, but I wanted to do it again here with Sarah's family because she pulled everyone together so well. SO well.


I am constantly asked about clothing - what to wear, how to dress, patterns no patterns, mixing and matching - the list goes on. We dive into this in more detail once your session is booked and your family day gets closer but today I wanted to use Sarah's family as a prime example of "what to do" (I think Sarah will especially love this - or maybe I should say her family will - because she has a teaching background - they always say the best teachers were great students - don't they?? ;) )

I LOVED worked with Sarah because she listened, took suggestions and then boom! Out of nowhere came up with fantastic ideas that jumped off of what I'd said. And I was pretty sure she was going to not be very happy with me when I suggested she knit a new hat for her daughter because the color scheme just wasn't quite there. Instead I was met with an enthusiastic yes! and I'm so glad you said that! I've already started on a new hat! - Clearly we are two peas in a pod! ;)



So take notes - I think Sarah's color combo has been the most talked about in recent months - the green just really popped off the brown and made for the perfect center piece on our gorgeous autumn day. (But really these colors are just flat out fantastic & would work well any time of year!) 

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