Baby Jade ~ an update

Well I suppose the first update to myself is that I have to stop calling her "Baby Jade" right!?! ;)  I just know that is how so many of you 'know her' so I wanted to start with that. And for those of you who have emailed me & sent personal messages asking about her & how she is doing & letting me know you are sending well wishes & prayers - thank you. As Robyn wrote me, "When something like this happens it is an opportunity to appreciate just how many truly wonderful caring friends we have, thanks again."  It certainly is. And we both want to thank you over & over again. Just a few days ago Robyn was able to share with me that while the first surgery was not 100% successful, it set up the 2nd surgery extremely well which allowed them to proceed with the least invasive options and get great results. They are still waiting on complete pathology reports, but things are looking good. Robyn said that the doctors are thrilled and of course they are filled with so much relief & gratitude - it's been a trying time!

I wanted to leave you with two (okay three - so hard to choose!) of my favorite images (one that is Jade's favorite too) and a slideshow to commemorate and celebrate this time, this battle and this bridge to their next chapter.



silhouette family photography

family photography in the snowfamily snow photos

 We love you, Jade! We are so proud of your strength & bravery!