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Anyone who has ever stepped foot inside Karla & Andy's home can probably tell you one thing that is universal: their walls are filled with love.

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From heirloom prints of loved ones who've long since left to snapshots of family vacations where stories are told of "and right after we took that shot, then this happened!" I feel so blessed that they call me their family (& Senior ;) ) photographer. I've been photographing their crew of six for so long now that I feel like I've literally watched these boys grow up before my very eyes. And I say "boys" probably because they will always be just that to me, but they are actuallly growing up into young men, graduating from high school, going off into this world, starting adventures of their own. I hope they know how lucky they are to have parents that display their love for them right there on the walls of their home. That's pretty amazing stuff.


I photographed them at their home this year and of course top priority on the list: to capture the kids' personalities. At 20, 17 and 14 and 14 ... I'd say we did just that ;)

modern and fun senior and family photography modern senior photography modern and fun family

LOVE their footwear! Always have, pretty sure I always will!

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Here is everything that went up on their walls as metal prints this year - love these! Some of my favorites for sure!

Modern and fun family and Senior Photography in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Their love is what it's all about!

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