When God Made Plans. Family Photography in Fairbanks

I'm sure Janelle would say God made some plans even she didn't know about all those years ago. This is the story of how two families met, connected & re-connected. And how one mama got the chance to photograph the other and show them what she saw, through her eyes.

Somewhere around 3-4+ years ago Janelle and I crossed paths in the most happenstance of ways. Josh & Janelle were looking to add to their family and grow through adoption and so was the couple sitting across the table from them. During that time we took classes together, played together, had a dinner or two and confided in this new world we found ourselves in. Our paths diverged in some ways, but in the biggest way we shared in the unspeakable joy of having another baby.

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Family Photography in Fairbanks.

Our boys were born just a small 4 months apart and by 2011, our kid power had almost doubled! I think that's why it's even more incredible to me that Janelle approached me for their first "official" family photograph - one that had been a long time in the making. I feel honored and blessed that she chose me, knowing how important this session would be put a smile on my face and made me even more excited to spend the afternoon with them that cold, fall day. I love the memories and stories we were able to capture - knowing that these would be the images that would grace their walls. The images that would say we are a family - here we are. Here is our love. This is what we want to remember.

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a few pages from their family album ~

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