Eve to Eve

Wasn't sure what to call this one - so we'll call it "Eve to Eve" to go along with the promotion that's going on. Snag it for yourself, nudge your friends or co-workers (I love personal referrals - thankyousomuch for those!). Before I get into that ... one of my favorite things? HONY. Go here. Read the stories. Get caught up in life. If I've introduced you to something you didn't know about before, enjoy :) if you are already a fan - welcome. We are kindred spirits.

Pretty cool he made Time's 30 Under 30. So if you haven't gotten me anything for Christmas yet, this book will do ;)

From Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve I have something special laid out for you ...

newborn photographer in fairbanks


You can reach out & inquire further here via the contact page. When you book your 2014 newborn session during this time, you will receive a $200 gift certificate to use toward any product purchase you would like at your newborn ordering session. This offer is good until NYE of this year or until a month is full and closed, so please inquire right away if you are interested! And if a friend or co-worker is expecting and you know they love family more than anything in this world & appreciate the gift of photography and time - please tell them about this special so they can enjoy it too.

You can see it on Facebook too. Like or simply hit the "share" button and send to a friend.


Wishing all of you a wonderful week  & a beautiful Christmas!

PS - I have nothing wrapped yet. Nothing. Nada. Not a thing. Please tell me I'm not alone.