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I've been photographing Amanda's family in some fashion for close to five years now (I think! Hard to believe though it really doesn't seem that long in some ways!). Watching them grow from one baby, to expecting number two and graduating with ease into the world of three kids. Needless to say when they moved away from Alaska a year ago it was hard. And then finding out that baby #3 was due and I wouldn't be able to fly down and photograph him like we were both hoping (aaaahhhh schedules, sometimes they just don't match up like we would like). I think we were both beginning to wonder when, in fact, we would get to see each other again & I would get to photograph her beautiful brood.

And then, like a Christmas Miracle (in November ;) ) she was scheduled to fly up here last minute and asked if she brought Baby Kade along ... would there be any way ... pretty please ... with sugar on top ... that I could fit him into her schedule? Of course she didn't have to ask twice! I was thrilled and said yes even before I knew where we could squeeze him in. Photographing newborns and the baby set is one of my all-time favorites and to get the chance to photograph Amanda's third? I couldn't pass that up!

All of this and she wrote me a beautiful note just the other day. It really meant a lot to me. Of course, little did she know that at the same time I had put together & dropped off a little package in the mail for her. ;)

Some of our favorite Baby Kade moments ~


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Baby Photography Fairbanks AK