Loving Our Crazy Life

"I love our crazy life, we are so busy, but we are busy together and center our lives around each other."  That is Megan to a "tee". In love with her crazy, busy life - doing everything for "her boys" (her husband & her two little guys in her life ... and yes, even their dog is a boy - she truly is the Queen of the castle!). I've literally watched Megan's family grow and change overnight blossoming into a loving, caring family of four. And I love when she tells me things like, well the only rooms that don't have a MachC in them are the spare bathroom and laundry room hmmmm ;) she makes me laugh and just enjoy the simple moments with her family.

fairbanks family photos in the fall toddler photos in fairbanks

The Super Family in true form!

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This portrait now graces Megan's "just us" wall.

I love that she has a "just us" wall.

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"We view our photographs as the artwork on our walls, so it makes me smile when I get to see the love we have for our family radiate through the images!"

MachC photography client walls


And she got the dog cape ready in like 2.2 seconds - which makes her even cooler in my book ;)

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