the beauty of natural photos and family connection

Abby and her family came to me by word of mouth - which doesn't seem so crazy, except that some of these families that recommended MachC Photography don't even live here anymore! One moved last winter and another moved what feels like eons ago (although we still try to catch up once in a blue moon via email when we can ;) ). So as you can probably imagine, when I got Abby's email inquiry, I was thrilled and couldn't stop smiling. It just means so much to me to know that her friends recommended using me - but I think even more than that - I felt like I already knew her just by knowing her friends! Sometimes I have to say, it really does feel like a small world. For Abby, Pete and Nash (their fur-baby, who has an amazing story all his own) it was important to capture this milestone of starting their next adventure - so we did a maternity session followed by a newborn session down the road. And the timing of both sessions allowed us to include Abby's parents, who were up here to support them and their new little grand-baby.

Abby wrote to me about their appreciation for natural photos and artwork that really focused on telling a story and celebrated a memory. I knew right away we were the perfect match for each other and would have so much fun. And believe me, I wasn't disappointed! We laughed a ton, enjoyed the process and Abby's mom & I got to talk shop about being women running our own businesses. I seriously feel blessed to have such a great family in my life!



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What is your best memory from being a 1st time mom?