My #1 Secret to Dressing Your Kids

What's my biggest secret to dressing your kids for portraits? Don't dress your little girl first! Yep, you heard that right. Dressing 101: dress the boys first. (2nd to that - if you are mom & going to be IN the photos, pick your photo outfit first!)  

When you have boys and girls to dress (or more boys than girls) it can be very tempting to dress the girls first. Well, truthfully it can always be tempting to dress the girl first. I mean why not? Girls have such cute clothes and a million options for any given season plus accessories galore.
But I am here to tell you - don't do that. Go against every urge in your body and dress the boys first!

dressing your kids for portraits

If it's a photo shoot just for the kids my first rule is to dress your boy(s) first.  If it's a photography session for the whole family - dress either mom or the boys first and then follow suit with the girls in the family.

The color palette of the boys determined the dress Maddie would eventually wear for our photo shoot.

Why? Because this will save you a lot of headaches, last minute chaos and frankly, STRESS.
1. Find a top (or several) that you would love to see your boy(s) in. Look at the color, style and over-all fashion factor. It is so much easier to find a "look" or a color that you love to see your boys in and adjust for the girl(s).
2. When you've found what your boys are going to wear, build your daughter's outfit off of that. Take the colors in their shirts, pants, ties and bow ties and translate that into what your daughter will be wearing. (More often than not, you'll find she already has something in her closet that will match. Girls have a lot of color & style options - boys, not so much.)
3. Now lay them out on the floor to see how everything looks together. A lot of times your girl (or you) will be in the patterned dress/top - that is perfect! Especially if she is the only girl outnumbered by brothers :) don't be afraid to put her center stage with an adorable outfit, accessories and cute shoes.
12WadeKids13Jul_WEB Fairbanks Kids Photography
03WadeKids13Jul_WEB cute looks for boys when it's time for their next photo shoot!
Dressing your kids for portraits should be fun & stress-free. I'm here to make that happen!
22WadeKids13Jul_WEB 10WadeKids13Jul_WEB little sister coordinating with big brothers - top secrets for dressing your kids
Following these quick tips will make it so much easier the next time around. It's almost always easier to find a cute outfit through sew.phia, GapKids, Persnickety Clothing, Matilda Jane and the like. Time and time again my theory has proved correct. Let me save you a few hours of headache & heartbreak ;)
These are the results of one of my new favorite offerings - Express Shoots for Kids.
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