Then & Now Over 5 Years

I've photographed this family over five years now. FIVE years! That is just incredible - not only to get to see them & watch them grow, year after year - but it makes it easy on me and the kids - they already know me and feel comfortable around me. I see the little nuances of their personalities and when they do something like start hopping everywhere :) I capture it. (Turns out mom loved those to the moon and back because guess what they are doing these days? Hopping up and down their stairs at home, just like what I caught on film. Love that we were able to capture this memory in time!) kids photobomb

 Hopping Fun!

fairbanks child photographer

Then ... and Now


MachC Photography Then & Now Fairbanks Photographer

then and now kids photographer fairbanks

then and now fairbanks photography


I just love watching them grow. And I have to admit, I look forward to seeing them every year before school starts. It's a great reminder of how much we've all grown. Plus I get to have great "mama chats" with their mom, which I love!

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jumping for joy

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fairbanks kids photography

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