Get Inspired Fall 2013 Color What to Wear

People always (always) ask me about what to wear (even friends and family who are out-of-state, having their own photoshoot throughout the year). I love giving advice, helping select options and suggesting where to shop if necessary. Quite a bit of that we go into further detail once your photo session is scheduled and we start to dive a little more into who you are. But here's a quick little lesson burst: check out the fall forecast every year to see what to expect with upcoming colors & to know what you're (most likely) going to find in the stores! Here is one forecast trend layout that I found on pinterest -

fall 2013 color report


Another layout I found by searching (& then pinned myself) -

colors for 2013 what to wear



So what's so significant about these color reports? How can they help you? When choosing "what to wear" sometimes it's nice to think of a color palette that is reflective of what is current, in style and what you see in magazines, billboards and online. You can most likely find these colors already in stores (huge shopping bonus!), making it easier to really pair together the look and feel of your photo shoot. And with those greens, browns & grays, it is even easier to incorporate a little POC!

Here's another neat trick: choose one main color and 2-3 as "accent" colors to that main color pop.

Megan did a great job of this last year - following my POC ("pop of color") rule! You can check it out here -

And if you head on over to facebook you can see where we did a "real life fans help us out!" call to action in helping one of my friends dress her family of six! You can see what other fans suggested and what I suggested to Jen each step of the way to guide her to their final look (also on the page! Come & check it out!).


Looking at the fall 2013 color trend forecast, what's your favorite color this season?