The Kurber Family ~ Fairbanks Photography

One of the huge benefits of finding your family photographer is working with them year-after-year, to the point that they get to know you - get to know your children and what makes you, you. I love that about my job. I love watching the kids grow from month-to-month, year-to-year. I love getting to see the transformation of just one small year. I love documenting what that means.

The Difference a Year Makes.

(Their family session from last year was featured on Inspire Me Baby.)

They grow and change so quickly. I'm lucky that I keep getting to photograph Rebecca's family year-after-year. It's fun to think of the images we created before and try to 'replicate' them in a fresh, new, fun way. (This field image is one of Rebecca's favorites by the way. I love it too. As we walked by the field working our way through our session together, I just knew in my mind's eye the shot I wanted. Click, click. We made it happen.)

27Kurber13Jul_WEB beautiful skies in a grassy field Alaska family photography


I love that we take time for rest stops and breaks. I don't let us rush through anything. I want the kids to feel at ease. It was a hot, hot day so naturally, a fruit punch juice box was in order.

37Kurber13Jul_WEB stopping for a juice break mid-session




I made sure to sneak in a few of the beautiful couple and family being family ... that's what it's all about.

44Kurber13Jul_WEB Fairbanks Couples Photographer

55Kurber13Jul_WEB machc photography family photography fairbanks

 29Kurber13Jul_WEB daytime silhouettes

And of course I love incorporating those special, meaningful touches ... a dolly that is slept with every night, hand-made from a local vendor ... a suit-case that was originally grandma's, loved & cherished. Even Rebecca got in on the action and made her own dress. (Yes she did!)


07Kurber13Jul_WEB outdoor fun photography photo shoots


Miss Evie MachC Photography-1_WEB

Making the most of the light.



But most important, we have fun. We giggle. We laugh. I chase the light. And we enjoy a little bit of magic on that special day.



{Here's where Rebecca blogged about last year. They've been so much fun to work with again & again.}




I try to get a variety but I also like to focus on those things that make your family who they are. I'm so thankful Rebecca & Joe trust me enough to create artwork for their home. It really does mean so much to me, especially when I know how much it means to them.