what it's like to photograph a family that has been through it all

A few short weeks ago ... back when we still had snow ;) I had the pleasure of meeting, planning with and photographing the most incredible family. It was on 12/12/12 that I first "met" this family. Jenna wrote her story to me about her "crazy but wonderful family" - already she had me smiling. She talked about her & her husband (Jarad) being married for four years quickly blending their family of three with her oldest, Kaleb, their 12 year old. She wrote "you know that old song by Brad Paisley "He Didn't Have to Be..." well that about sums up the beginning of our lives together ♥ Just us 3, the 3 Amigos."  That was until their little blessing (& miracle) named Oakley graced their arms! As Jenna wrote, he came to them through a lot of hopes, prayers and amazing determination of a dedicated team. But then her story took a turn. It seemed in 2008 Jarad, her husband, became very ill. The last 3 Christmases were spent at the UW Medical Center. And after months of ups and downs and tension and worry, he was able to receive an organ transplant on 2/2/2012! Their 2nd miracle had arrived.

I am so grateful to have photographed this family (grandparents & Uncle of Kaleb & Oakley included!). To see where they are today is just incredible beyond words. They have struggled and come so far in the process - through tears, laughter and - as Ginger herself told me, lots & lots of prayer including the facebook shout-out prayers some of you know all too well!

Jenna knew from the get-go that she wanted them photographed at their home, in their space, where so much love has grown and seen them through the good times & the hard times. In their consultation I knew this would be the perfect place. I could hear it in her voice & read it through her emails. And then getting there, to their house ... well, see for yourself - we let magic happen that day. I am so blessed they let me be a part of it!

Some of my favorites ...

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we love, love


brother teamwork.











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Again, I can’t thank you enough for helping us to write our journey; your ability to bring pictures to life is a testament of your talent and heart. Thank you.





Thank you for letting me capture your family through my lens, Jenna! Your family is incredible!


And I don't think Jenna knows this ... but another family also nominated her family for the session.


I know that you were offering a complimentary session for a family and asked that we write and tell you a little about our family but I wanted to write and tell you about Jenna and her family. They would be so deserving of this session, and although I would love for you to photograph my family too this family is so very special.

I work with Jenna, she is phenomenal, the woman who always has a positive outlook on life and a smile on her face. ...

... While all this was going on Jenna would be at work doing her job with that same positive outlook and smile.  No one would ever have guessed that her family was going through.  In February of this year a liver became available and a transplant was performed.  They have had their share of ups and downs since then but things finally look to be on the uphill for this family.

This is the very short version of their story but to think a year ago they were so close to losing their dad, husband and son.

If Jenna were to be selected for this session I think it would be amazing to photograph Jarad with his brother and parents as well. They are such a close family and so deserving of this.

Thanks, Kathy


- It's almost like Kathy wrote the vision for the session & just like that ... the Universe conspired to make it happen. What a wonderful world.