You Can Ring My Bell - fun couple shoot in the great outdoors

I can still remember the email I got from Bethany at the start of the year Hi there! I love your work! ... you know when Renee Zellweger says, "you had me at hello" - yup. I pretty much feel the same when the first sentence includes "I love your work!" with an exclamation point! Even cooler is to find out later that Bethany not only has an eye for photography, but studied photography herself and spent time in the dark room ... a girl after my own heart, clearly! When another photographer chooses you, there just aren't words to describe it. Maybe like if you were a doctor and another doctor chose you to take care of their mother or their child. I bet it feels somewhat like that. There is so much love & respect that goes into a choice like that. And then when she ends her inquiry with, "I don't really want it to  be stuffy or like a traditional photo" Oh Bethany, stop! Let me reach through the internets and hug you!!! ;)

So off we went to capture this time in their lives ... which became even more important for the memory book because by the time we had our photo shoot, they knew that they were leaving town. Gene's job was taking them on their next adventure. Capturing their life together in Alaska was the perfect way to close this Chapter. And I'm happy I was there to make it happen!


hot sexy wife & her fireman shoot


a beautiful kiss in the great outdoors between the fireman and his wife


snow pictures with a cute couple





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