This is it.

Hubs reminded me last night, "this is your 8th Mother's Day". In some ways, I can't believe. It's all gone by so fast, these eight years. I read a post from my friend Gigi (who has five girls mind you), her words rang so true. Eight years later these are my most cherished gifts ever.

02_WEB DrewB Photography does MachC Family


*images courtesy of DrewB Photography ~ thank you Drew. You made so many of my dreams come true, capturing these moments with my babies. A thank you just doesn't seem enough.


40_WEB DrewB Photography shoots MachC Photography Family 52_WEB DrewB Photography 69_WEB DrewB Photography

It's become tradition, now that they are getting older, that they each pick out their own card for me. Some are even signing their names and writing little messages inside. My heart bursts with joy. It's hard to finish reading the cards through the happy tears that flow.


This past February I again knew the ache of almost losing my mom. This is the fourth or fifth time. About half of those times occurring in adult years. I held back the tears while in ICU at FMH, but my voice was shaky. I focused all my energy on comforting her and giving the best damn instructions I could to the flight EMT who was one half of the medivac team.

IMG_2598_WEB MachC Photography

When we arrived in Anchorage, I spent time with her. And as she got stronger every day, I would take a few pictures here and there.

I may not know how many years I have left with my mom, but I do know how special she is. And I have told her. This is it. This is the time we have. Now.


I am so lucky (as in how did I stumble across these amazing little people that were chosen for me? and then I remember Gillian's words: I was also chosen for them). How incredible to be their mama (& mo-mo - as one of mine calls me when he gets so excited).

My mother has given me an incredible gift. I try not to hold on to it too tight. I try to remember that this is it.

The time we have is now.



17_WEB MachC Family by DrewB Photography