A (Spring) Snow Shoot (Alaskan Style)

Do you know how we do winter, "snow" photo shoots around here? More importantly, do you know when we do them? Not everyone understands the advantages of my scheduling, but Cindy got it. And without any hesitation was behind every idea from the get go. And this is how we get a snow session, at 40 above, with still yet a TON of snow on the ground. As I've said plenty of times before, we can't do this in October & November! (And December, January + - fuhgetaboutit.) In those months we get a lot of darkness & plenty of cold to go with it (& guess what, not always a lot of snow either!). I was so happy when Cindy contacted me. She wanted her family captured in an authentic way: relaxed, natural & happy - not a formal studio setting. I knew we were the perfect match! The view was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous and the family ... well, see for yourself ... they made it look easy.

Make sure you make it all the way to the end of this post so I can share Cindy's wall display at home. I love seeing what you guys come up with & how it all looks up on the walls. That is a huge part of what makes my experience so special with all of you. I just love knowing that you get to live with the love of your family.




Love the way the sunlight just topped the trees here, almost like a bit of dust from the Gold Rush.


MachCphoto laughter_9482_WEB




LOVED the facebook interaction of this (61 Likes!!!)

MachC Schumaker Family Facebook


They were fierce!



SchumakerFamily13Mar21_WEB SchumakerFamily13Mar37_WEB


Another favorite here.




Gosh I just loved the winter setting here. This is Alaska.

SchumakerFamily13Mar106_WEB SchumakerFamily13Mar107_WEB


And the grande finale. (+ digital files to top off their wish list)

IMG_2526_WEB IMG_2531_WEB


Cindy wrote to me, "I fell in love with my husband when I was 14 and am still crazy about him. We have two great kids that are the spitting image of their father who think their parents are kinda neat too. We are an extremely lucky family."

Happy, loving family in a spectacular place ... I think this fits the bill.

Thank you so much S Family - you guys are extremely lucky, in so many ways. Thank you for celebrating that luck in love with me & allowing me the chance to show you your family, through my eyes.




(pictured above: 16x24 + 4- 11x14s)