gratituesday: you've got mail

I'm not sure how I first found Liz, but I clicked Like and now get to see her posts & images show up in my feed. I like her vibe, her positive attitude and flair for breezy fun. I recently saw her gratitudesday series and thought I need to do that, share more of what I'm grateful for. A few years ago I spent a whole year taking one shot each day to share "a day of grateful" thoughts. I hope I can keep up with this over the next few months. The gratituesday I bring you today was a no brainer. A box showed up in the mail. With a sweet little note from a fabulous friend who lives in Arizona. I laughed as I read the note - so much love, so thoughtful and what was this about lemons? She's funny! I have no idea what she's talking about ... and then it hit me and I think I screamed with utter delight "OMG! She sent me lemons from her lemon tree!!!" And with the joy of opening a box like a kid on Christmas morning, I saw (& smelled) the most fabulous lemons ...


All in all she sent about 10 our way. I gave two to my baby sister. Two more to my parents. And the rest we've used with love in our own home.



I couldn't let this beautiful gift go unnoticed. It made me think back to clients who have sent me flowers, bottles of wine and fresh eggs after our sessions together. I feel lucky, blessed and yes, thankful - grateful - to have such wonderful people in my life. Some days all you need is a sweet little surprise to lift your spirits and bring a fresh dose of how wonderful the world really is, into your life.


Last week I celebrated my birthday, this week, my baby girl turns 5. Lots to be grateful for.

I also have to dedicate this post to a long-standing twitter friend (and now MachC Family member!) since him & his wife *just* had their babymoon in Arizona and he tweeted me something about swimming pools and citrus trees ... and then it started snowing ... again ... so this one's for you Phil *cheers*!