The Happy Family

I can't remember how I first found out about The Happy Family Movement, but I do know I've enjoyed reading their blog & following along on their journeys and adventures. I know I've looked at their wall posters a few times. It's fun to see what they are working on, including their latest visual creations. I took a leap of faith & decided to enroll in their e-course. We just finished up week 2. I've completed the assignments but just now had a minute to reflect and turn week 1 - our Family Values - into something more. Perhaps a family mission statement? A collective family chant? A dose of family focus? Whatever you want to call it, this is what ours looks like, visually:

2013-01-20_family values Happy Family Movement

2013-01-20_HFM family values



So which do you think I should print for the house?

(The oldest child already voted for the orange. Actually, he helped pick out the color ... so that may be an unfair vote. ;) )