Top 12 of 2012

Ever wonder what the Top 12 posts were on the blog this year? Well ... I have to admit ... I did - so I decided to check it out. From most popular ... here is your top 12 in 2012:

1. Amy's Oatmeal Milk Bath, part of my "She's Crafty" series I started a few years back!

2. Tips for Photographing your Kids in the Snow. (I'll have to do an update one of these days. I wanted to lean less technical this go around so hopefully anybody can use these tips.)

3. From Ellen, The Fort Kit - another super cool share from She's Crafty!

4. My podcast & photo share of Katie & Lyle on Moose Mountain - Katie even left a comment herself! Love these two! We had such a fun time on their shoot.

5. My fun feature over on Inspire Me Baby! It was so hard not to share the good news the minute I found out!!!

6. From pregnancy to baby is still a very popular post. I got to see them this year at swim class - it was so much fun for all of us! They grow so fast!

7. The Nursery Idea Box - I love gathering up swatches, samples & future plans.

8. Many of you know & recognize this very famous local family ;) we always have so much fun at our sessions - the kids come ready to play, full of energy & love - mom & dad did too ;)

9. Gah! My self-portrait. Not sure how that made the list! Frightening ;)

10. A session that was a year in the making, and holds so much love & warmth - a million things that only their family will every know why it was even more special than could be imagined.

11. A little something about mothers.

12. And one from this summer ... the heart of the matter ... kind of sums up the year, don't you think?


Do you have a favorite post?