It's the 4th Day of Christmas! Fairbanks Photographer Holiday Celebration

On the fourth day we are putting art in the palm of your hand with a 2 piece magnet gift set (valued at $35) from Amy Komar, Original Art. You can find & follow in her journey here:

Instagram: follow @ Amy Komar

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Here are details:
Stone magnets measure:
L: 1 1/2"
W: 1 1/2"
H: 1/2"
Stones are from Alaska, painted in acrylic and Amy uses rare earth neodymium magnets. Items have been varnished.
For more information, her artist's statement is shared below:

Putting art into the palm of your hand...

Stones, sea-glass and driftwood, birch hearts and beaver sticks—these and more become hand-held canvases for the patterned acrylic beadwork of Alaskan artist, Amy Komar. The repeating beads of paint highlight the patterns and surfaces of each natural object, producing a simple, yet stunning visual effect.

"A common thread in all my artwork is a close investigation of the natural world," says Amy. "I strive to convey both the simple beauty and the delicacy found in the repeating patterns present in nature."

Amy's pieces sit in homes all over the world, helping people re-establish their connections with nature and with each other. "This stone will go out with my husband when he deploys," says one of Amy's collectors. "Something as simple as a painted rock, and yet—so meaningful, and beautiful," says another.

"I want my work to offer a moment's pause--to prompt stillness and reflection--by offering a visual counterpoint to our fast-paced life," Amyexplains. "These objects remind us of the sacredness of the natural world and our need to live in communion with it."

In an age where human contact with the environment is often replaced by “digital realities,” each finished piece offers the gift of touch and renewed connection.

~ Thank you, Amy!