Crayon Wreath Tutorial

With the holidays upon us and gift giving in full swing, I thought I'd share the crayon wreath we made the other day. It didn't take too long & parts of it could even be done with the help of older pre-schoolers and elementary-age kiddos. List of supplies:

  • foam wreath (preferably one with a flat side)
  • box of crayola crayons (64 + a few more worked for us)
  • hot glue - we got the one that cools quickly for safety reasons
  • duct tape and/or fabric/ribbon/scrap material
  •  a little bit o' time ;)


My motto: keep it fun by keeping it simple

Although I'd seen similar pics of this idea floating around, I couldn't find a tutorial, so I just kind of winged it - lining up some crayons in an attempt at a pattern - but nothing too strict. In fact at one point someone picked up the 'crayon line' and rearranged it herself - so it's all good :) just kind of eyeball it & see what looks good. I also liked lining up the words, I think it might be too distracting otherwise. All in all, for all the supplies (scrap material at home) it cost just under $30 for us to make. And having a huge Hello Kitty fan in the house, we went Alaskan-style and duct taped the wreath (instead of wrapping it with glued fabric). Once that part was done, it was just a matter of sitting down and gluing the crayons one by one.





 I wanted to do some rolled flowers, but couldn't quite get the hang of it. A facebook fan-friend sent me in this direction for a Rolled Flower Tutorial.



It was a ton of fun and turned out to be a lot of fun! We made this as a gift for her preschool teachers.


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