What I See ...

I'm still playing catch-up over here, but I couldn't resist showing you this one. I love the buttery-softness of the woods behind him. Doesn't it just look like a painting? Mother Nature at her best. Part of why I love doing what I do (photographing you & your adorable kids!) is that I get to 'see' them much as I do my own kids when I turn the lens on them. When I saw this image, it took my breath away. At our ordering appointment together, Katie (Thor's mom) was trying to decide between two images of him (the one shown here & another one of him laughing/giggling/smiling). I asked her if she wanted my thoughts (I like to help you guys out if I can). She did. So I said to her this is what I see. I see him on the brink of three. He is turning that corner toward becoming a school-age boy. I know he won't look like this in six months ... let alone a year from now. That baby-ness is still there. I can see it. I wanted to capture it for you. And that's what sticks out to me as a mother and as a photographer. This is him, still as a little toddler-esque boy with round cheeks and a serious face. This is him, with still a little bit of that baby left.

I know he's going to be much more grown up the next time we do this. Three will have passed, four will be here and he will be inching his way toward five. Five is much different from three.

I feel so blessed to do what I do. I feel like I am forever preserving a moment in time. And now they can look at this image together up on their wall & she can tell him, "This is what you looked like when you were three. You were such a handsome little boy."