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Our challenge this month was to run with the theme "Make Believe". If you are new here, you can find other blog carousels here and here. The basic concept is that a group of us have come together to shoot for ourselves or showcase some of our work in how it pertains to a theme. We aim to challenge ourselves and hopefully inspire you and each other in the process. At the end of this blog post you'll see the next photographer in the carousel. Just click-through to see how they interpreted the theme.

With any concept shoot, I think we all go into it with our own ideas about what we would like to create & capture. I know I sure did. It's funny though because as I review the shoot as a whole now, in retrospect, the images I love the most are the ones that were truly "created" by the kids. Manifested in the moment. A small space of make believe where there was a fairy and a princess-queen and a troll that was trying to get them. The whole scene was only a few minutes. But I can tell you, they loved every minute of it. And that is what counts.

Come into our world of make believe ... the story awaits ...


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